Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is probably the most eye-opening, useful, educational course that a recreational diver will experience. In this course you will tackle physiology, in-water rescues, emergency management, your dive staff :), gain a greater understanding of the functions of dive equipment (yes, what is that doohickie called), plus much more. This course is designed to start you thinking beyond yourself. It is for this reason and others, that this certification is required for any diver considering continuing on to a professional dive level.

Current CPR certification is also a requirement for Rescue Diver certification. If you do not have proof of a current CPR certification, please plan on attending an Emergency First Response (EFR) course prior to the start of the Rescue Diver course. For Rescue Diver course dates Click Here.

– Rescue Diver Course Fee- $275 (includes educational materials, accident management slate, emergency pocket mask, and certification card.
– Rental Gear, if needed – $65 for a full set-up or 50% off individually needed items

230688_10150616941385524_491567_nTo receive the PADI Rescue Diver certification, students will need to:

  • Read Chapters 1-5 in the Rescue Diver Book
  • Complete the corresponding Knowledge Reviews for the Chapters 1-5
  • Achieve a passing grade on the Final Exam (minimum 75%)
  • Attend two days of training
  • Complete one pool session
  • Complete open water Rescue Scenarios (one open water day*) and adequately perform all required skills
  • Show proof of current CPR certification or complete the EFR course prior to the start of the Rescue Diver course

coned_rightimage13_r1Please download, read, and fully complete the following form before class:
Continuing Education Administration Document.  If you answer yes to any question on the Medical Statement portion of the form, click here to download the full Medical Statement and for your health and safety you will need to have your physician sign on Page 2 prior to your in-water dives.

* Open Water Rescue Scenarios are conducted at a local lake and will not be a full day of diving.

Course Cancellation/Refund Policies: $169 and/or eLearning course fees are non-refundable. Remainder of course fees may be refunded with written cancellation notices received 7 days prior to the first date of class. Class fees are non-refundable: (1) within 7 days of the first day of class, (2) in the case of no-shows, or (3) once a student has transferred to another course. Class transfers are assessed a $35 administration fee and all transfer requests must be received 7 days prior to the first date of class. Missed sessions are $150 + any additional facility fees. Additional make-up sessions may be assessed additional fees.


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