Our service department technicians are manufacturer trained and certified in the use of factory specific tools and testing procedures. Tank inspections are performed in accordance with criteria set forth by Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc. All services are accompanied by a detailed report of work performed.


Cary Herb
Sales & Retail,
Certified Repair Technician
Billy Snook
Certified Repair Technician
Tommy Miller
Certified Repair Technician
Steve Zedekar
Certified Repair Technician

Air fill (tanks must be within current hydro and VIP)
Air fill Cards:
10 fills ($6 fill value)
Enriched Air fills
$16 (up to 32%)
$18 (up to 36%)
$20 (up to 40%)
Enriched Air fill above 40%
(48 hr notice required)
contact us for best pricing based on tank size & mix
Enriched Air fill Cards (up to 32%):
10 fills ($12 fill value)
Regulator Annual **
$40 per first stage
$20 per second stage
Includes – Initial bench test*, disassembly, cleaning and inspection of all components for wear, replacement of annually serviced parts, reassembly and adjustment to manufacturer specifications, followed by final bench test. Includes cleaning and inspection of SPG spool. Does not include fees for parts.
BCD Annual
Includes – Initial bench test*, disassembly and cleaning of inflator/deflator control and auxiliary dump valves, inspection of all components for wear, and reassembly, followed by final bench test. Does not include fees for parts.
*Bench Tests

  • – Evaluate first stage for static intermediate pressure and lock-up quality at full and low tank pressures.
    – Test second stages for inhalation effort and proper adjustment. Followed by water testing of complete regulator to inspect for leaks.

BCDs – Leak test bladder, test operation of low pressure inflator/deflator controls and dump/OPV devices.


Tank Visual Inspection (VIP)
PRICE INCLUDES AIR FILL OR DISCOUNTED EANx FILL. Inspect internal and external surfaces for corrosion, pitting and other visually detectable conditions that may be harmful to your tank. (required annually) Does not include burst disk replacement, if necessary.
Tank valve annual
Disassembly and cleaning of valve components, inspection and repair as needed. (Recommended with VIP)
Tank O2 Cleaning/Rust Removal
Internal cleaning/blasting to remove contaminants incompatible with O2/EANx fills.
Tank Hydrostatic Testing (Hydro)
Structural test to establish suitability for continued service. (required every 5 years) (Includes VIP and AIR FILL)
Disassembly/Reassembly fee for tank services on doubles
All tank services include a air fill!
Drysuit maintenance/repair
prices vary
Hourly rate for misc service work
Priority Service
Items will be ready for pickup or shipped back to you within 7 days of arrival (parts availability permitting).
Expedited Service
Items will be ready for pickup or shipped back to you within 24 hours of arrival (parts availability permitting) Items received on Friday will be returned on the following Monday.
Mail-in Services
At Seven Seas Scuba, each of our dive professionals relies on gear to perform correctly every time we hit the water, and we know the same is true for you. Excellent equipment service doesn’t mean that you have to be close to a professional service center. We are as close to you as your mailbox When you send in your regulator or BCD for service, we will contact you to let you know that your equipment has arrived safely, as well as to confirm the services that you’ve requested.After our work is completed, we’ll call to inform you that your item is being shipped back to you. We’ll also email a report card of your regulator or BCD’s performance when we’re done.You are welcome to contact us by phone at anytime during business hours to check on the status of your equipment. Send Equipment to:
3200 SE 164th Ave. Suite 216 Vancouver, WA 98683Please complete and submit the Mail-in Service Request Form, then print, sign and enclose with your shipment.Insurance is recommended when shipping. Return shipping is free of charge (does not include tanks)Please do not send accessories such as removable computers (unless they are being sent-in for battery replacement), knives, retractors or regulator bags.Original warranty cards, or photocopy of both sides, must be included for lifetime replacement parts programs (where applicable).

** parts are extra unless covered under a valid warranty – warranty card and proof of previous year’s servicing must be presented in advance of service.

Equipment Lines Serviced In-House:

ScubaPro, Oceanic, Hollis, Halcyon, Mares, DiveRite, Zeagle, Poseidon, Bare, ScubaMax, XS Scuba

Other equipment lines servicing is available using an off-site contractor with service completion still conducted within our standard 2-week turn around (pending no abnormal equipment issues).

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