Seven Seas Monthly Shore Dive- Three Tree North 1/14/12

It was rainy and cold as we made our way north to Burien. I had brought the propane heater so we could all earn our “propane divers cert” specialty we created last New Years at Octopus Hole where the water was 45F while air temps were below freezing. We get to the small parking lot at 3T and notice that the lot is very full….some folks are sitting in their cars running the heaters, others gearing up, and some are obviously in the water already.

We go down and take a look at the water. It’s a pretty blustery day- the wind is whipping up white caps pretty viciously just around the point- we had drove over there and looked earlier and it was churning. Looking at the dive site, you can see a very distinct line where that water is ripping past the more calm water at 3T. I had hoped to try to find the Cabin Cruiser which is located out that way but it looked more like a good way to get towed into the Puget Sound….we decided not to look for it on this trip.

We decide to explore the middle section of the site that looks reasonably calm. We meet up with Trenton and Jeff P. from our Seven Seas Divers and drop our gear off since parking is tight. We get our kits on and hit the water after wading down the beach a bit.

We head straight out from the beach and hit the Golf Ball boat. Folks on the shore do driving range practice from their houses into the water, divers pick up the balls and drop them off in this boat. It has a lot of balls in it. I notice a nice shell garden to the front edge of the boat and see a pretty good sized GPO hanging out in there.

It’s always nice when you find one right off the bat. We look around a bit and head off to the west. We see the usual suspects; nudibranch, flounder, tons of small stuff if you look close and hang out.

As we hit the shallows, we see a couple of good sized Red Irish Lords. They seem pretty comfortable so I snap a few pix of them. In truth, I wasn’t having a good photography day on this dive; I seemed to be struggling to find the right settings and using my external flash. I even thought the best picture I took (the RIL) was bad but I checked it out again using Adobe Lightroom and I liked it more. Trenton and Jeff were great dive buds and hung out with Dea and I for the whole trip. This was like Trenton’s 2nd dive as an OW Diver and he did exceptional.

The viz was pretty good- I would say maybe 20+ feet or more.

Once we surfaced, we noticed the weather was even more blustery and cold. I noticed I had gotten more than a little wet somehow through my suit. We all decided we had had enough fun for one day and decided to head home.

Dea, I and the kids go to the Elliott Bay Brewery for some food and warm drinks to recover. It made for a nice end to the dive before heading home.

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